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Did you know that the inspection carried out by a building society or bank is a valuation only and not a survey? It makes you think. When you consider that buying a home is likely to be your largest financial commitment can you really afford not to get a proper survey done? If you don’t, once you move in it’s too late.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with an efficient personal service that is geared to an early response to instructions to act. We are lucky in having close working relationship with Jeremy Parkin, BSc ARICS, as our consulting surveyor. He has considerable experience in carrying out property inspections of all types for private survey clients. At Tonela Group we can offer a full range of inspection surveys including:

  • Building surveys
  • RICS homebuyer survey and valuation
  • reports on specific defects
  • valuation reports

We invite our clients to discuss their survey reports to ensure that they are fully informed of all the building related matters so they are in a position to make informed judgements on their purchase. To find out more about how our survey service can work for you:

Call us on 01843 869898

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